I can best be described as a disaffected leftist. In the past, I have been deeply involved in environmental and antiwar activism, but now I’m mostly an armchair critic. I’m a big supporter of direct action in principle, but in practice I’d like to see it applied more strategically and more effectively than is usually the case.

I’ve been told that my fascination with obscure post-Soviet conflicts is “endearingly quirky.” I guess it could be a lot worse than that. Along with the global rise in piracy and assymetrical warfare, I think these conflicts demonstrate the failures of the nation-state model. It’s got life left in it yet, but I would expect a major shake-up in the organization of international relations any decade now.

Did I mention that I think in historical time frames? Forget about the 24-hour news cycle- I think the 4/8-year policy cycle is shortsighted too. I sometimes say things like, “That’ll shake itself out in a few hundred years.”

Unless it’s something I want, in which case I want it now. Go figure.

*By “support”, I mean I give them money, not that I say nice things about them or have the T-shirt.

Disclaimer: Anything you see here advocating the vegan diet is just spillover from my fanboyish support for the Sea Shepherds. I myself am a committed opportunivore.