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Note that the allegation is not that the US is supplying arms to drug gangs. It’s that the arms we poured into Central America from the 70s to the 90s are finding their way to the Mexican gangs. This is a predictable result of our horrifying “anti-communist” policies of the time, demonstrating that oppression and militarization are the gifts that keep giving.

Anyway, that article makes mention of this story:

The 21-count indictment, announced today by U.S. Attorney Jerry E. Martin, names Sabre Defence Industries LLC (SDI-US), its United Kingdom based owner Guy Savage, 42, and four locally based officers: President Charles Shearon, 55, of Ashland City; CFO Elmer Hill, 64, of Brentwood; Director of Sales Michael Curlett, 44, of Hermitage; and International Shipping and Purchasing Manager Arnold See, Jr., 54, of Antioch.

They are all accused of being part of a conspiracy to illegally import and export regulated firearms and firearm components and technology to and from the United States.

It’s plain from the indictment that they are accused of shipping parts for rifles in the M-16 family, but nobody ever mentions who they were shipping them to. My immediate suspicion is the Iraqi government or the militias we cultivated as allies over there. There’s a passing mention in the indictment of the “Iraq situation”, and we know that Blackwater was accused of violating similar laws to provide weapons to allies in Iraq.

There’s no indication in any of these sources, but it’s valid to ask whether any elements of the US government were complicit in these schemes, or knew and kept their mouths shut. I don’t imagine we’ll get an answer to that anytime soon.

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