special mayhem edition

I know you’ve seen this already, but isn’t it worth watching again?

What a perfect exit. Meanwhile, in further mayhem, we have bank bombings and celebrity church burnings:

Also, a governor and a Wall Street baron have gone down in disgrace over the last few days, and no one seems to have much idea what to do about this whole economy thing. Ever get the feeling things are running off the rails?

Which reminds me, as an aside, that you should check out what’s been happening to our supply lines to Afghanistan:

Pakistani authorities closed the Khyber Pass route nine days ago after militants carried out their biggest attack yet on the supply line, torching around 260 vehicles on two consecutive nights in the northwestern city of Peshawar….

…Pakistan’s Government re-opened the route yesterday, hoping to restore a lifeline that accounts for about 70 per cent of all supplies to the 67,000 Nato, US and other foreign troops in Afghanistan.

But the Khyber Transport Association, which claims to represent the owners of 3,500 trucks, tankers and other vehicles, said that its members would no longer ply the route because of the recent security problems.

Somali pirates are actually going to court in Kenya. On the other hand, Somalia’s “government” apparently had room to collapse even further.

Greece shows no signs of settling down, and the rest of Europe is starting to get nervous:

Today’s show has been brought to you by the number strife and the letter discord.

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  1. On December 16, 2008 Telarus, KSC says:

    Seen this yet?


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